Christmas Cards 101

Whether you’re a person who’s never sent a holiday card before or someone who has sent them religiously for the past twenty years, we can help you with some card inspiration. Reaching out during this time of year builds relationships; it shows everyone on your list that you care and you want to share your life with them. This reason and many more are why you should send a holiday card in 2023, and it’s easier than ever when you can order holiday cards from your phone.  Sending holiday cards is sending a present to everyone on your list – you are gifting connection!

Top Design + Content Tips

We print thousands of holiday cards every year- we’ve learned some tips and tricks on what it takes to make a good Christmas card and some common mistakes people tend to make. We’ve condensed our knowledge into these two articles: 5 Tips to a Great Christmas Card, and 3 Ways to Spoil a Good Christmas Card. Taking a little bit of time to be intentional with your design can make a big difference in the final outcome. Create a card you are proud of, and keep a copy for yourself to remember this phase in your life! Our favorite way to include a thoughtful message? Our Most Popular 2023 Christmas cards with letter-back designs have a lot of real estate for your yearly update. They often have a beautiful subtle pattern on the back for design interest, so make sure your chosen text color stands out so it’s legible when printed. If you want to include more than a paragraph of information, we recommend putting a QR code on the back of the card and linking to your message that’s hosted on another place online. Have the opposite problem and are stuck on what to say? We’ve compiled a list of Funny Christmas Card Sayings for inspiration. These sayings make us chuckle, and we update this list with sayings we saw and liked from customers’ cards last holiday season. And at the end of the day, don’t force it – a picture is worth a thousand words and is more than enough!

Design Inspiration

Not sure what design to choose? These are our staff’s top design picks for 2023. They are sure to make a beautiful, lasting impression


Not sure when to order cards? We’ve put together a timeline if you want your cards to arrive to everyone on your list before Christmas.
Holiday Card Checklist


How do you display the cards you receive? Our current favorite way is this DIY Christmas Tree Card Holder. It can also work as a way to preserve memories and display the cards you send out year after year!