5 Tips to a Great Christmas Card

Sending a Christmas Card is a tangible way of sharing your story, your legacy. Your Christmas Card doesn’t need to include a novel, or even words, the photo tells the story and the love you share to those who will receive it is priceless. We compiled 5 Tips to a Great Christmas Card for you to make this year’s card, the best!

Choosing a Christmas Card design shouldn’t be stressful. We’ve made it easy, all for you! Keep reading to learn more!

1. The Photo

If you can, try to narrow down what type of card you’d like to create before taking the photo. Portrait or landscape, colors, theme… The photo will define most of your card. Many of our cards are designed in both portrait and landscape to fit your needs.

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2. Color

If your clothing colors “clash” with the card design, try changing your photo to black and white. Black and white photos work with almost any card design. (reds tend to be the most difficult to “match”)

5 Tips to a Great Christmas Card

3. Content

Do you send a family yearly “update” on your card? You may find a limited amount of space on a small card.

  • If you’re designing your own card, try keeping it clean and simple by using data visualization (infographics) like I did with our 2012 Family Card here or include a QR code to share more information online.
  • Consider our 5×7 folded card designs. Persnickety Prints software offers the ability to add text, photos or any .jpg image in the inside top, bottom and backside of your card. This is also a great solution if you’d like to share more than 4 photos. (see #4)

Bonus: add even more photos and/or text on the 2 inside flaps and backside of this folded cardShop Folded Cards >

5 Tips to a Great Christmas Card
5 Tips to a Great Christmas Card

4. When too much is too much

The number one card “faux pas”, is cramming. Trying to fit every kid, football game, dogs, cats, awards, etc. on one card doesn’t work. We have a new card design this year for the “crammers”. Flat or folded with 4 or more photo place holders!

5 Tips to a Great Christmas Card

5. Christmas Cards aren’t just for married couples with kids!

Share your year with highlights from your Instagram feed, art, or travel photos.

5 Tips to a Great Christmas Card

In addition to our hundreds of card designs, we have 4 luxurious paper finishes to choose from. Basic Smooth Matte, Pearl, Linen and Watercolor. Learn more about our paper types here or email and ask a design specialist for recommendations.

5 Tips to a Great Christmas Card
matte, watercolor, pearl, linen

Can’t wait to see what you send us! We hope these 5 Tips to a Great Christmas Card help you this year!

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