Print Bleed

Bleed is the amount of space needed to print from edge to edge without a white border.
Full Bleed = Edge to Edge printing For single page photographic prints: machines allow for a slight difference in print sizes and alignments by overlaying your image over the paper to avoid having a white border. The problem with this is you can lose a good portion of the edge of your layouts. If your layout has a thin border, the border can appear uneven or completely gone on one or more edge. Our goal at Persnickety is to print your image centered evenly with as little overlay as possible.

Photographic Printing Bleed

Your image will appear as expected as our photographic trim is less than 1/8 of an inch

photographic print bleed

Press Printing Bleed

Double Sided and Fine paper prints are NOT printed edge to edge, therefore require .25″ added bleed for trimming.

Example: 5×7 press print must be designed at 5.25×7.25

Persnickety certified lab techs optimize and look at every single print before, during and after it’s printed. If we don’t get it right, we print it again.