Giclee Fine Art Prints


WHY Giclee

  • Giclee prints are archival, pigment based ink prints
  • Giclee prints are NOT “posters”
  • 12-color pigment inks with chroma optimization
  • Produces ultra-detailed image resolution, vibrant colors, using a larger color gamut
  • borderless prints up to 30″x40″
  • Environment safe
  • Upgrade to mounting to frame it without glass

How is Giclee pronounced?

Giclee is a french word pronounced “Zee-Clay”. It’s a fancy term for a fancy “reproduction” of art. Not considered a print.

Is there a rush available for Giclee Enlargements?

There is a standard 3 day turnaround, however, 2-day and same day rush are available for 25% of the print price.

How do I know if my image resolution is large enough?

This print process can enlarge photos 5x their size and maintain clarity. Our system will notify you if your file is too small for the size chosen

I have an odd sized frame, can you print an odd size?

We can prints any size up to 30″x40″, don’t see your size? No problem. Email us for instructions.

Is my print shipped rolled or flat?

Wide format prints are shipped rolled. Mounted prints are shipped flat.

How large can I print a Giclee?

We can print and mount your high resolution image up to 30″x40″.

giclee enlargement
20×30 mounted into customer frame

giclee enlargement
24×36 print only