Photo Cropping

how to crop photos for prints online

New Website Photo Cropping Coming June 2023

When taking digital pictures, the aspect ratio (width & height ratio) does not always correlate to the print size needed. With our new online software, you can quickly crop your photos to match the aspect ratio of the print. Easier than ever, us at Persnickety Prints have updated the website to make photo cropping perfect for printing.

Start Photo Cropping

Login or create an account on Upload, select your photos, and click “order prints”. You’ll land here with all the options!

  1. Toggle between Detailed and Quick Order
  2. Change print quantity
  3. Add more sizes
  4. Click edit under the image for fine tuning and enhancements
  5. Change paper type
  6. Click “additional options” to add borders or mounting if available
  7. Everything look ok? Click Next >

Or, crop before you order! Check out this tutorial on using our photo editor to perfec

Persnickety Prints Online Photo Cropping

Click EDIT to fine tune the crop or allow our lab techs to make the adjustment for you

Persnickety Prints Online Photo Cropping

No Crop Option

Many of you have requested that we bring back the “no crop” option. This will give you the full image on the print size selected. Depending on the aspect ratio of each photo, you’ll see uneven white borders.

Persnickety Prints Online Photo Cropping

Rotate Photos in the image editor

Manually crop and rotate the photo in the photo album before ordering prints. Our built-in photo editor will give you more tools and cropping control.

  • View Photo Album
  • Click Edit in the bottom right corner

Our online photo editor also offers fun filters and color enhancements!

Persnickety Prints Online Photo Cropping
Persnickety Prints Online Photo Cropping

As always, email us with any questions! We are here to help!

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