10 Ways to Use a Mini Photo Book

Despite our potentially unpopular opinion when it comes to paper photo books, they do still hold a special place in our hearts! We’re listing 10 creative ways to use mini photo books that are fun, but won’t jeopardize your existence when the pages have faded, wrinkled, and turned to dust within a couple of generations.

Eventually, binding breaks, water/humidity damage, tears (from your eyes or rips depending on how you read it), sun damage, kid damage, etc. concern us. We definitely can’t fault photo books for how versatile they are. However, we do worry about how long they last compared to traditional digital darkroom processed photographs. Despite this, they still have some great uses!

We have all the step-by-step info you need to help you make your own, 60 page mini 5×5″ photo book right here. The best part? They’re just $10 each when you order 6 or more, and they can be different designs!

1. Quiet Book for Kids

This 5×5″ book is compact and doesn’t take up much room, making it easy to tote around in a diaper bag or purse. Customize and fill the pages with numbers, colors, the alphabet, and pictures of family and friends. Help your child learn in a fun, personalized way that they won’t get tired of!

10 ways to use a mini book

2. Autograph Book

Whether you’re heading to the happiest place on earth or sending your kid off to camp, you can put together a photo book that serves as a place for them to have their friends sign and leave a message. Add little quotes or graphics to each page to personalize it. Now, you’ve got yourself a sweet little memento of a special time.

Tip: Once your trip is over, close a Persnickety Box filled with memorable photos, and tape them to the pages of your book!

Learn more about how to make an autograph book, here!

3. Sign-in Book or Guest Book

Have a wedding coming up or own a rental property? Our mini-books are the perfect size to leave out and use as a guest book. Let your guests sign and leave lovely messages for you to read later! Scan the pages to create a digital backup of the messages, just in case. 😉

10 ways to use a mini book

4. Paper Anniversary Gift

Celebrate your first anniversary with a traditional paper gift, like our mini photo book! The first year of your relationship has probably been well documented! Let’s get those pictures in a book to tell your love story. Add lyrics, quotes, and journaling to the pages using our design software and you’re golden.

5. You + Me Journal

Because you can write in our photo books, journaling is a great option. We love the idea of making a little journal you write messages in with your littles. Add questions or prompts to the pages, or leave them blank. Pass it back and forth, add love notes, and watch their handwriting change over time.

10 ways to use a mini book

6. Family Reunion Yearbook

Hear us out, we did say we don’t love these as heirlooms but if you need to mass-produce a book to share or gift to a lot of people, this is a good, affordable option. And again, the option to scan the pages to create a digital backup is a bonus. Gather information and photos to add to a book for your upcoming family event then gift each family their own little book to take home with them.

7. Celebration Book

Collect messages from loved ones for milestone birthdays, or events ie. 70 letters for Grandma’s 70th birthday, or a book of photos and messages for baby’s blessing or baptism. Type them up or scan them to add to a perfectly giftable, lightweight book.

10 ways to use a mini book

8. Summer Journal

Put together a summer journal to help keep track of your summer adventures. Add pages such as “books I’ve read,” “our favorite summer treats,” a list of states to play an extended “license plate game,” “affirmations,” and “daily schedule/chores.” Regularly visit and fill it out throughout summer break to add journaling and photos to create a keepsake.

9. Recipe Book

Keep your favorite recipes in one spot (and not lost on your phone) by adding photos and recipes to a mini photo book. Create a series of seasonal recipe books, recipes your kids love, or a book featuring cookies you’ve mastered baking.

10 ways to use a mini book

10. Write Your Own Storybook

One of our creative team members, Laura, had her little girl write and illustrate her own story. Laura scanned the drawings, sharpened them in a photo editor, and uploaded them to add to a 5×5 softcover photo book. The results were fantastic. You can do it too! Surprise the storyteller in your life by compiling their work and putting them into one of our little books. Order a few copies to keep and also gift.

Make it your book, your way.

No matter what you choose to put in your book we’re dedicated to delivering the best quality and the quickest processing to get them into your hands ASAP, right where they belong! Try your hand at making a personalized mini book, they start are as low as $10 for 60 pages!

And, of course, we want to see it! Tag us on social media to share your creativity and how you are using your mini book!