Summer Scrapbook

Remember your fun in the sun with a summer scrapbook! We highly recommend scrapbooking your summer for beginners; there is a clear goal, and a beautiful outcome. You won’t be overwhelmed with trying to decide when to start or end – it’s summer! This time of year is chock full of events, and it is easy to find pictures and plenty of memories to document in your summer scrapbook. It is also a great indoor activity for those high heat days, and accessible for kids and adults alike.


Here are our top tips for how to make a summer scrapbook you will love, and enjoy looking through to remember all the fun you had this summer.

Decide Your Scrapbooking Method + Sizes

One of the choices that can be overwhelming for new scrapbookers is where to start! We always recommend keeping the end in mind, and deciding what type of project you would enjoy creating and flipping through later. We’ve compiled a brief list of our recommended formats for summer scrapbooks.

6x8 Pocket Page Album

Pocket page scrapbooking is one of the easiest methods of scrapbooking, and the 6×8 albums are an especially versatile album size. If you choose this size of album, we recommend this printing guide: 3×4 photographic prints for the everyday candids, 4×6 photographic prints for special shots, and 6×8 photographic prints for bigger groups and events. You can easily find pocket pages for 6×8 albums designed to fit those print sizes and nothing beats the simplicity of sliding a photo or journal card into a photo slot. 


We recommend this project format for photography enthusiasts who will have lots of photos at the end of the summer, or those who enjoy a cleaner look.

Summer scrapbook

6x8 Summer Smash Book

Smash books are back in full force, and we love the creativity they allow. Our 6×8 Custom journals allow you to upload your own cover design, and then select the design for the inside pages. For photos, go as small as the 2×2 mini photo prints on our 4×6 photo collages, to as large as a 5×7 photographic print for more memorable moments. Use photo corners, glue, or double sided tape to secure your photos inside your journal, and enjoy the creative process.


Summer Smash books are the perfect fit for those who want space to journal their thoughts, and for creatives who enjoy a more eclectic look.

summer scrapbook smash book

Take Your Pictures

Now that you know what project you will create, go and snap some pics! If possible, keep aspect ratio and different color settings in mind to ensure you will love your prints. To help you get started, we’ve compiled our 3 Tips to Rock Your Summer Photos, How to Photograph Fireworks, and How to adjust Exposure on your Mobile Phone – a must when taking pictures in harsh or low light!


Tip: Did you go on a trip and would like to collect photos from everyone who went? Share a collection from the Persnickety Prints website, and they can upload their photos to it as well!

Print + Design your Pages…

Month by Month

This is one of our favorite methods- keep the memories fresh, and write them down soon after they happen. We love the idea of a spread that is a monthly summary page, where you can keep a tally of how many times you completed an activity, hung out with friends, had a favorite treat, etc. 


To keep on top of your memory keeping, schedule a time every week or month to go through your photos and submit them to print! Once they arrive, take an hour or two to document your memories and keep cool on a hot day.

By Event

If you’ve got a lot of plans this summer, organizing your memories by event can be a great way to stay on top of your photos. Between summer camps, Disneyland trips, and beach days, you’ve got a lot you will want to remember!


We recommend planning an afternoon or evening the week after your trip to go through your photos, deciding what you want to send to print and what memorabilia from the trip you want to keep. 

Summer Highlights

If you know it’s more realistic to do one big summer scrapbook day vs a monthly effort, plan ahead and hold a Summer Scrapbook Day sometime at the end of August or beginning of September. Bring out snacks, your printed photos, and the memorabilia you’ve collected. We love the idea of organizing your spreads by favorite activity – group the pictures by all the times you went to the pool, watched movies in your backyard, and hung out with friends. This method is less focused on establishing a timeline, but more celebrating the themes of your summer. Don’t forget to list your summer playlist, and jam out to those same songs while you are scrapbooking!


Make sure to go through and send your summer scrapbook photos to print at least a week before your big scrapbooking day! Reference our typical processing and shipping times to make sure your order arrives on time. 


Need some extra color in your designs? Check out our free summer journaling cards! They can be printed as 3×4 journal cards, or the graphics can be used in other digital designs.

Don't forget your memorabilia!

You’ve held onto those concert tickets, parking validations, and programs – save those tangible keepsakes in your summer scrapbook.

Tape Them In

a perfect fit for your summer smash book. Bonus if you can create a pocket to store items you will want to pull out or creatively tape inserts with multiple pages so you can still flip through them.

Insert into a Pocket Page

These 6×8 albums with 6×8 pocket pages will fit most tickets and smaller items. If something is bigger – fold it into the 6×8 size, and pull it out later!

Cut Them Down

If an item is too big to fold down into your scrapbook, consider cutting it down and keeping the smaller, most important pieces.

Take a Photo

if you want to remember an item but it simply is too big to keep, take a picture!

start your Summer scrapbook

Whether it’s practicing mindfulness as you journal, or laughing together as you reminisce about your summer, summer scrapbooks are a way of building connection with those you love. It’s well worth the time to document your summer fun, and to build memories you will look at for years to come. 

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