Mini Prints for Planners and Journals

Words intersected with photos are a powerful thing

Planners and Journals are another form of “memory keeping” and we’ve got the prints! Get creative with mini odd sized photos on thick press paper or real fuji photographic archival prints. Add text anywhere, free graphics and overlays too!

. *disclaimer: tiny prints smaller than 3.5″ get lost in developer and equipment, for this reason they must be printed on a larger canvas.

Quick Links for mini prints

2×2″ Prints

thick recycled paper- with white border

2x2 prints for planners
Mini Prints

4- up on a 2×8″ photostrip


2×2″ Prints

fuji photographic- no border

Mini Prints for planners
Mini Prints

8- up on a 4×8″ photograph


Variety on a 4×6″ print

Make it your own! fuji photographic

Mini Prints


variety on a 4×8″ Print

Make it your own! fuji photographic

Mini Prints


TIP: remove photo placeholders and create your own template!

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