DIY Christmas Tree Card Holder

DIY Display

Christmas cards are the best part of the season! How do you display the cards you receive? We have an easy DIY Christmas tree card holder project just for you!

Friends and family love looking at your Holiday Cards. A birch tree holder can be adjusted to fit your needs, make it your own and enjoy the wonderful stories you receive in the mail! Hang it on the wall and delight in the adorable display showcasing your favorite people’s smiling faces!

The great thing about this #persnicketyproject is that you may have most of these supplies on hand!

DIY Christmas Tree Card Holder

This is a fun project you could make with a group of friends, or enroll your kids in helping you put it together.

DIY Christmas Tree Card Holder
DIY Christmas Tree Card Holder


Here is everything you will need to make your own DIY Christmas tree card holder. I found my branches at a local store that happened to be closing 🙁 …. but you should be able to find similar branches at any local craft store. These branches from Amazon are perfect! Cut to the sizes above.

  1. Birch wood branches
  2. Twine
  3. Clothes pins
  4. Wood star
  5. Saw
  6. Scissors
  7. Large poms (optional)
  8. Hot glue gun
  9. Christmas Cards!

DIY Christmas Tree Card Holder

Christmas Tree Card Holder Assembly

  1. Lay out the branches with the largest one on the bottom and the smallest on the top.
  2. Add the twine. Start by tying a knot on the bottom left side and wrap it around the branch twice. Then move up to the next branch and wrap it around the branch twice, continue this on each branch. When you get to the top, make a large triangle and tie a not leaving a loop at the top for hanging. Add a star or bow at the top!
  3. Continue the twine back down the branches wrapping around each branch twice until you get to the bottom branch. Tie a knot on the bottom branch.
  4. Add a strand of twine along each branch going from the left to right to hang the cards.
  5. Clip clothes pins and add cards as they arrive.
DIY Christmas Tree Card Holder

Add the Holiday Flare

Use pom poms to decorate and clothespins and hang the holiday cards. I love having a fun and festive way to hang the cute Christmas cards we receive! This project is one you can use year after year.

Persnickety Holiday Cards are unique, thick, customizable, and you won’t see a business logo anywhere! Create your card today, the more you send, the more you’ll receive!

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