winter branch christmas card display

Getting Started

This DIY can be done in a pinch and will look fabulous in the end! Display on a wall in your home to cherish those special cards that come from those you love. Try making this winter branch Christmas card holder, learn how below!

winter branch christmas card display

What You’ll Need:

Super easy and cost effective, try out this DIY this holiday season. To make this adorable winter branch Christmas card holder, gather some of these household supplies.

  • Branch
  • Metallic, white, or other holiday-inspired spray paint (optional)
  • Jute twine (available at craft stores)
  • Bakers twine
  • Clothespins
  • Scissors
winter branch christmas card display

1. Choose a branch. You’ll want a fairly sturdy one with enough sprigs to hang plenty of cards. Dry is good—but not so dry the twigs snap off when you add a little weight.

Optional: Spray paint the branch and let it dry completely. Full coverage or spray lightly to add a little bit of shimmer.

2. Wrap bakers twine a few times around one end of the branch, and secure with a knot.

winter branch christmas card display

3. Repeat this step on the opposite end of the winter branch—be sure to leave enough slack in the twine to hang it. You can also experiment with where you tie the twine to balance the branch.

4. Cut five (or so) pieces of jute twine into various lengths, for a staggered look. Tie them to the branch about equal distances apart.

winter branch christmas card display

5. Use clothespins to attach your cards to the jute twine. Depending on the size of your branch and length of the jute, you should be able to hang multiple cards from each piece of twine.

winter branch christmas card display

Persnickety Tip: when the season is over, hang your favorite photos! Persnickety thick press prints work best.

winter branch christmas card display

We hope you try your hand at making this winter branch Christmas card holder! Displaying your holiday cards is a great way to add more warmth to your home during the holidays. Feel the love of those who sent you a card and remember them this holiday season. Although taping them to your fridge is still a good choice, we’ve got a few options to upgrade the look and create a more festive, Christmas feeling with our holiday card display DIY’s. Learn how to adorn your cards onto a classy gold hoop, a memory tree, a winter branch, or a tree holder!


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