3 Ways to Spoil a Good Christmas Card

The holidays are the best time of year because … Christmas cards! 3 helpful tips to consider when designing your card.

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Send a fridge-worthy card that stands out from the stack!

1. Cramming

You have so much to share, but the space is limited! Small text is hard to read, and too many photos can overwhelm the card. In this case, less is more. Make an impact by using only one or two focal images.

If multiple photos is a must, consider a double-sided or folded greeting card. Or, include an extra 4×4 photo collage insert for Grandma or close friends.

We’ve been intentional with our designs and have a wide assortment of multi-photo cards!

3 Ways to Spoil a Good Christmas Card

The Bottom Line: too many pictures or busy elements kill the card and is distracting

2. The Photo

Your photo is the best part of the card! Choose a card design that fits the look and feel of your photo. Black and White photos are versatile and can blend well with most designs.

Do not “stretch” the photo to fill space and be sure to use high-resolution images. While 72 dpi looks great on screen, 300 dpi is needed for print. Our software will notify you if your photo is not high enough resolution.

Persnickety cards are customizable, add or remove elements, add text and additional photos to the back of any double sided card.

3 Ways to Spoil a Good Christmas Card

Lighten your photos! Screens are backlit, prints are not. Additionally, cards are printed on thick textured paper using CMYK color profile. They’ll always look darker than what you see on your screen. We do our best to optimize for you but taking the time to auto-enhance and lighten your photos will improve your outcome!

Slide to see the difference – too dark vs just right

Bottom Line: use original high resolution photos & lighten if possible

3. Text Overload

Less is more! Don’t overload your card with too many words.

If you’re sending a yearly update or family newsletter, consider using a separate insert, or choose a double-sided card. You could even add a small QR code in the corner and host the family yearly news digitally!

When designing your own holiday card, make sure to watch for bleed, especially with text. Text close to the edge like this card below, makes it nearly impossible to print without something being cut off. So, be sure to use the industry standard, .25″ bleed.

3 Ways to Spoil a Good Christmas Card

Bottom Line: keep the text short and sweet. (include an insert that tells your story if needed)

Whether you’re single, married, have pets, or kids, the holidays are a perfect time to share them.

Have your own design? Drop it into our blank template. Or, use one of ours! Questions? We’re always here to help. Send an email to

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5×7 folded >$59.99+ $10$0+ $10+ $15


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How to Create a Musical Christmas Card

A fun idea using audio! A bark from a pup, the love from a toddler, a message from Grandma or Grandpa, a marketing blip or a beautiful song can be added to a card using Soundcloud and a QR code.


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