Create a Custom Card with QR Codes

The Infographic Card I designed for our family Christmas last year was a big hit. What would I come up with this year to top that one?  The $6 Greeting Cards that open up to a “happy birthday” song or a funny saying are our favorite, but I didn’t want to buy $600 worth of singing Christmas Cards to send out.

Using an iPhone App, QR Code and our own voices, we created our own singing card for less than 89¢.

Create a Custom Card with QR Codes

Now, we are not a musical family. I take that back, I can’t sing at all. Tone deaf. My husband, Jon was blessed with the voice and guitar/piano playing skills. Middle son, Noah, also has been awarded a musical ear. This year, Noah has been taking Piano and Guitar lessons.

Our Pack Family card highlights Noah’s multi-tasking skill of playing the piano along with Jon on the guitar and singing all at once!

Create a Custom Card with QR Codes

Like our 2012 infographic, this card is meant to make you laugh. We are completely off  tune. We highlighted our year by changing the original lyrics of “Deck the Halls” to our own rendition. Kudos to Jon for arranging the piece.

Create a Custom Card with QR Codes
Create a Custom Card with QR Codes

Because we weren’t too concerned with perfecting the song, we got er done in 3 takes and less than 10 minutes! Using my iPhone and the iTalk App, I recorded and shared to (free account pushes right from iTalk).

Take a listen if you dare!

Create a Custom Card with QR Codes

A QR code can link to anything that is attached to a URL

I used the QR Code Generator (free) to add our Soundcloud URL. Once the code is created, save & download the image. Please note: users will need a QR Code reader/app to scan and hear the message.

Creating a singing card sounds more complicated than it is. It was by far the easiest card creation year to date! If you’re reading this and thinking “how can I integrate a QR code into my life”… the ideas are endless!


  • Link a video or family highlight reel
  • Photo Montage Slide show
  • Send a Postcard from a Vacation (sounds of the Ocean from where you stand)
  • Birthday Milestones with Greetings to Grandparents afar
  • Add QR codes to your scrapbooks or memory books

Hope this post inspires you to take advantage of the technology we have today!

Merry Christmas! From our home to yours….