MY 2021 Family Photo Album

2021 Family Photo Album

Every January, I start a new family photo album for the year. My three boys have their own first year baby album and after that, all photos land in our yearly family album. My boys are now 20, 18 and 14 and they pretty much hate everything 🙂 I’m learning to drop expectations there. As much as I’d LOVE my boys to travel and make memories through amazing experiences with each other (and me:) I can’t force it. Luckily, I have photo albums filled with memories of when they were sweet and innocent (insert cry:)

MY 2021 Family Photo Album

My point here? I have always used a 12×12″ photo albums for our family, but the last 2 years I’ve moved to the new 9×12″ … because we just take less photos. If you are taking a TON of photos (40-50 a month) I would for sure recommend using 12×12″ albums. You’ll get more bang for your buck. Plus, our 12×12″ prints are STILL the low price of $1.99. How? We’re able to negotiate costs with Fuji because of the high volume, and we pass that savings onto you! 🙂

In addition to our family album, I love to create 6×8 travel albums. Thanks to Covid, I get to stay home and look at my travel albums, wishing I was on the beach in Croatia or Bora Bora. Instead of Travel Albums in 2020, I’ve kept Covid Journals which sadly, will extend into 2021. I am now on my 3rd Covid Journal! Documenting our day to day life during this pandemic and writing as we’re living it has helped us stay sane.

Here’s the start of a New Year and our new Photo Album!

my 2021 Family photo Album 9×12″ SUPPLIES

January 2021

2021 Family Photo Album

3×4″ prints from the collect app

Similar to my 2019 Album, I’m going to use 3×4, 4×6 and 9×12 prints. Many of you have asked how I get the caption under these 3×4 photos, this is done on my phone in the Collect Photo App. In fact, all of these prints shown here were taken and designed on my iPhone! Super easy once you get in the zone. You can learn more about the Collect Photo App here. It is only available on iOS.

2021 Family Photo Album

9×12″ prints from iphone

It’s so easy to design right on your phone! The Rhonna Designs App is my go to for text overlays, resizing, graphics and printables. I used this photo of Mark above running out to the Destin Beach on the first day of 2021 for the opening page of our album. Using the Rhonna Designs App, I sized the photo to the closest ratio for a 9×12″ print using the a5 ratio found in the “planners” section. I then added WELCOME 2021 with the text editor and exported at the highest resolution.

I uploaded this 9×12 along with the other photos to Persnickety Prints on my phone using Safari (no app needed!). Ordered 9×12 matte photographic with a white border.
*TIP: upload mobile photos from your phone and then jump on a computer to place your order. It’s much easier to navigate on a desktop especially when ordering multiple sizes and creating collage prints. We’ve got tutorials for you here. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it’s so easy!

2021 Family Photo Album

I plan to highlight each month of 2021 with a few 9×12″ prints and 2-3 pages of 3×4″ and 4×6″. I find the process much more enjoyable and manageable when I print a batch of photos each month rather than wait. (one of 5 reasons I prefer pocket albums over bound photo books!)

What are you waiting for? Get started now on your 2021 Photo Album! Order supplies online and upload your photos. You’ll never regret it. Check back for updates as I share more!

persnickety prints
fading photo book

What about Photo Books?

I’ve always had mixed emotions about glue bound photo books. Yes, they’re more “compact”, however most photo books are not printed to last. As you can see in this 8×8″ family photo album from 2010 printed at Shutterfly. There are companies who offer hard cover silver halide photo books that start at $100 for 20 pages but most of us aren’t willing to pay this price for our everyday photos.

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