Documenting Covid-19

I have two little boys who will learn about this historic time but most likely won’t remember living through it.

Documenting Covid-19

I decided to customize a Persnickety Prints’ journal cover and dedicate a few minutes a day to writing my feelings, along with our day to day experiences during this uncertain time. Creating this journal has not only been therapeutic but rewarding as my days feel very long and tedious.

Documenting Covid-19

Custom Journal cover

I designed the cover in Photoshop using Ali Edwards free graphics. I also used the same designs for 2×2 prints. You can do this in the 4×8 collage.

Documenting Covid-19

Our daily activities in print

Documenting Covid-19


In this video I explain what I’ve done so far in documenting Covid-19, and my plan going forward. Follow @persnicketyprints on Facebook and Instagram to see my final journal once this pandemic is over!

Document Covid-19

What You’ll Need:

  1. Customize Your Journal
  2. 2×2 Prints
  3. Various Mini Prints
  4. Washi Tape and Pens (from my personal stash)

From all of us at Persnickety Prints, stay safe and healthy! Our prayers are with you. This too shall pass!

xoxo, Aubrey

Corona Journals

Choose from blank, lined or dot THICK inside pages. Sharpie and bleed tested!

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