2019 Family Photo Album

Photo Albums are like our Family “Yearbook”. I create a new one each year and the kids love them!

As promised, here is a flip through of our final 2019 Album.

I used the Collect Photo App to journal and document (iOS only) and printed 3×4 “collect cards” monthly. I added them to the album each month and ta-da It’s done! It was easy to keep up this way and it’s super motivating when printing photos each month rather than waiting until the end of the year.

family photo album

Big 9×12″ ($2.99) prints highlighted important memories like Noah’s birthday, homecoming, Jarett’s engagement and the Ethan’s soccer game. Print a full 9×12″ photo and select a white border at no additional cost!

family photo album
family photo album
family photo album

I hope this inspires you to find a system that works, free your photos and tell your stories! They matter.

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