In my previous post, I took 1,000 Photos in Peru, now what? I share details of how I documented Peru. Today, I’m going to share more images and a quick video of the final album.

Album: Simple Stories 6×8 album and page protectors. (Order online at

Prints: Persnickety of course! 6×8 Prints are only 99¢. Designed 4×6 collage on the bottom right in the Persnickety collage software.

6×8 Cover Page was created using a 6×8 photographic print.

“Live a Great Story” Ali Edwards digital overlay.  Persnickety 6×8 photographic print on the right.

I love adding hand written journaling, tickets and other tangibles in pocket albums.

3×4 “Sublime” designed in the Rhonna Designs App

How priceless are these little pictures from the beautiful children in the orphanage? I brought 3×4 cards with us and asked them to hand write their names so I can remember them forever.

I have my kids journal too!

Maps are a great addition to your album! Open up maps on your phone, take a screen shot and print a 3×4… the resolution is great! Or (on iPhone) open a photo, click “details” in the top right, click the map to see the photo exactly where it was taken. These are my printed screen shots above.

QR codes are the best way to incorporate multi-media into your physical albums. I put together highlight videos of our trip and uploaded to YouTube. Any online link can be made into a QR code. Free QR Code Generator:

You’re welcome to check out our Peru Highlight Video. I created it on my iPhone in the iMovie App 🙂

*Persnickety Prints uses a state of the art dark room process and fuji papers to produce REAL photographic prints that will stand the test of time.
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