Valentine’s Personalized Photo Gifts

Gift from the Heart with personalized photo gifts

We love Valentine’s Day! Gift from the HEART this year with our list of Valentine’s Personalized Photo Gifts! <3 Surprise your loved one with a gift that shows you are thoughtful, creative, and that you always have them on your mind! 😉 It is time to ditch the run-of-the-mill photo mug and the matching t-shirts, and try one of these fun & easy Valentine’s crafts!

Keep reading for this year’s Valentine’s gift inspiration for you to share with your loves, this February! Whether it is for spouses, kids, grandparents, friends, partners, boyfriends… the list goes on, there is a gift for everyone. A step above just a photo in a frame, these ideas do require a little more time & thought, which always makes for a better gift. So, don’t be afraid to jump right in and get crafty with it!

 Personalized Photo Gifts

Photo Strip Keepsake

*Sigh*… We love love! Starting off strong, this valentine is one they will surely keep forever! Customize your very own photo strip into this adorable craft. Add details like cute sayings, inside love quotes, and dates. Include a few of your favorite photos together, then tie it up with a bow! These three designs were all made right on! Everyone can make this without needing to be a photoshop or editing pro. Learn more on how to customize photo strips, here!

Valentine's Personalized Photo Gifts

Personalized Photo Book

Lovely, lovely, lovely! Shower them with photos and memories! Have too many photos that you love that you just can’t choose? Don’t compromise, add them all into a soft cover photo book! Add cute elements with our FREE design software when creating your book. You can find cutsie messages, heart graphics, and more, all free to use! You can even add text to write down special memories, love notes, and important dates to remember. Fully customizable, a photo book is a great way to go to tell someone you care about them! Learn how to make your very own soft cover photo book, here.

Valentine's Personalized Photo Gifts
Valentine's Personalized Photo Gifts

Valentine's Personalized Photo Gifts

Heart Collages

What says “I love you” more than a big heart full of photos? Absolutely nothing. So, make your own!

Upload your photos to your Persnickety account, and drag & drop them onto the heart collage template. Make an impact this Valentines with this adorable print, sizes 8×10 through 16×20!

Love Letters

Aww! Swooning over these mini love letters! Here’s how we did it… We uploaded cute valentines images and designs, and ordered them as 3×3, square press prints. They are so adorably little and perfect for writing short love notes. A handwritten note is exactly what people love to receive on the day of love! These are perfect for leaving around the house for the one you love to find, tucked into lunchboxes, or given to all in one set! For an extra special touch, order on pearl paper for an iridescent shimmer! Share your love by telling them, this Valentine’s.

Valentine's Personalized Photo Gifts
Valentine's Personalized Photo Gifts

Accordion Photo Box

Ummm, does it get more adorable than this? I don’t think so! Pack a surprise into a little gift box! We printed 30 photographic 4×4 photos and taped them together to create a giant accordion fold to be tucked into a small box. When the person you love opens it up, they will be shocked to find all their favorite photos that seemingly never end! Find jewelry or small boxes to use for this Valentine’s DIY, this one is from the dollar store…$$$ score!

Get the full, step by step tutorial to learn exactly how to make this! Check out the post, Accordion Photo Box DIY.

Have a Persnickety Box subscription? This DIY works perfectly with one box of photos! Don’t have Persnickety Box? You need it! Learn more about getting photos sent right to your door, every month, here!

Valentine's Personalized Photo Gifts

Reasons I Love You Flip Book

Hearts will melt when reading these “Reasons I Love You” Flip Books! Start this project with 4×6 card stock pages, and paste your favorite photos on each page. Here, we used our 2.5×3 wallet print prints to get these cutsie little pics. Then, fill each page with a handwritten reason why you love them. Hole-punch & tie off with a bow to finish this handmade, tearjerking present that anyone would love to receive. Create this Valentine’s personalized photo gift now!

Valentine's Personalized Photo Gifts
Valentine's Personalized Photo Gifts

Valentine's Personalized Photo Gifts

Love Journal

Wait, this is so cute. Fill a personalized journal with all the best things about your valentine! Add your own cover and get creative! Add photos, memories, old movie tickets, things that remind you of them, your favorite things about them, love notes, poems, and so much more!

This is definitely a bigger time commitment DIY, but it is so worth it! Also, don’t feel the pressure to fill it entirely. Use what ever pages are left to fill out together! It easily will become the most special love keepsake that you have. So, what are you waiting for! Order one now and get started! 😉

Ahhh love. Isn’t it the best? Share the love with us by tagging Persnickety Prints in your Valentine’s personalized photo gifts and projects! We can not wait to see!

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