How to make an adorable DIY accordion photo box gift

Whether you gift this for Valentine’s, an anniversary, or even just because, this is perfect for the occasion! A gift from the heart, this DIY accordion photo box is a project you get to make with your hands, something sentimental, inexpensive & one you can keep forever!

We made it easy for you, just follow these 5 easy steps to create this love-exploding gift! Keep reading to get started!

 Accordion Photo Box DIY

Materials Needed:

  1. 30 or more photos (hello Persnickety Box app!)
  2. A gift box to hold your prints
  3. Clear tape
  4. A pen & paper
  5. A ribbon (optional)

a Step by step guide

Step 1: Find a box

 Accordion Photo Box DIY

Find a cute box to hold all your pics. Or, find a not-so-cute box and get crafty! Paint, ribbon, and stickers can spice up an old box into something amazing! What matters here is that it can fit your photos. We found this 4×4″ black and silver box from the Dollar Tree… such a major score! Check your local dollar stores, Target, craft stores, or even Amazon for the perfect box! If doing an online search, look for “4×4 jewelry gift boxes”, or even “square gift card boxes” to find great options.

 Accordion Photo Box DIY

Step 2: Order your photos

 Accordion Photo Box DIY

Pick out your favorite photos of your loved one and upload them to your free, Persnickety Prints account. We recommend using photographic prints for this project. They have great printing quality, will last the longest too!

We used 30, square 4×4″ photos. Double check your box size before printing your pics! Make sure that your box is big enough to fit your desired photo size. This DIY also works great for Persnickety Box members. Simply close one of your Persnickety Boxes, and have just the right amount of photos for this DIY. Not a member? Download the Persnickety Box app now and get 30 photos sent right to your door, every month!

Once your photos arrive, you can begin to assemble the box.

Step 3: Assemble your Photos

Flip through your photos and organize them in the order you would like them to be pulled out of the box. Line the bottom of your first photo with the top of your second photo and add a small piece of clear tape to attach them. (The amazing part about using Persnickety Print’s photographic prints is that the tape can easily be removed from the images with no damage! Like magic! Great if you want to reuse these photos or if you make a mistake.)

Be sure the photos are not overlapping, or they will not easily or neatly fold when placed into your box. Continue this step until you have a big chain of adorable pics!

 Accordion Photo Box DIY

Step 4: Add a Love letter

For the cherry on top to this heart melting gift, add a love note to the very end of the chain as a surprise for your gift recipient.

Cut piece of thick, card stock paper to the same size as your photos; for ours, a 4×4″. Profess your undying love and pour out your heart onto the card. Making it even more personal, use your own handwriting rather than typing something out. 😉 Then, tape this love note to the very last photo on the chain, just like you did with the photos.

How to make an adorable DIY accordion photo box gift
How to make an adorable DIY accordion photo box gift

Step 5: Final touches

How to make an adorable DIY accordion photo box gift

Now it is time to accordion fold them into your box. Start with your first photo, face up. Take the second photo and fold it under, behind the first. Continue this pattern until they are all folded behind one another. Neatly place them into your box!

An optional final touch:

We added a “pull” tab to the very first photo. To do this, we taped a ribbon loop to the back side of the first image. This makes it a bit easier to get the accordion of photos started when your box doesn’t have much room to grab the photos with your fingers.

How to make an adorable DIY accordion photo box gift
How to make an adorable DIY accordion photo box gift

Gift your Photos

You did it! You created the most precious and endearing gift of all time! Get ready to watch them open the gift from your heart and just wait for the tears to start to start flowing from their eyes. Photos mean the most. Memories, nostalgia, feelings, and emotions are all brought to surface when looking at photos. Make someone feel extra special and loved with this accordion photo box DIY.

 Accordion Photo Box DIY

Share the love and tag us in your accordion photo box DIY for the chance to be featured on our page. We can’t wait to see your box come to life!