The Easiest Disney Photo Journal

The Easiest Disney Photo Journal

We were lucky to have had the opportunity to take the boys to Disneyland this year. I always document Disney because my boys love to look back and the photos and I know the magic won’t last forever!

This time I wanted to use the new Persnickety Box Photo Journal. Paired with the Persnickety Box App, this system is the quickest and easiest solution for me and my family. I edited and swiped photos into the app while standing in long lines. Our Disney photos were at the house when we arrived home, the boys giggled as they looked through each of them, remembering their favorite moments, characters and Disney treats.

The Persnickety Box App is easy and fun!

The Easiest Disney Photo Journal
The Easiest Disney Photo Journal

The New Persnickety Box Journal is available exclusively in the app for just $19.99! It holds 60 4×4″ prints, journal lines, and a back pocket to hold memorabilia. Because the Persnickety Box prints are real chemistry photographs (archival darkroom prints) and no ink, prints don’t need to be protected in sleeves.

The Easiest Disney Photo Journal

Personal handwriting is connective. I imagine Nash and Nixon flipping through this with their kids someday, reading what Grandma wrote for them:) The boys also write and draw in the journal. It’s fun to see their handwriting change over the years. I added stickers and elements I had on hand from to add a little flair.

I also used Heidi Swapp washi tape!

The Easiest Disney Photo Journal

I hope my photo journal inspires you to do something with your photos and capture these types of memories before they fade.

Xo- Aubrey

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