4-Year-Old Documents Disney with a Journal

Childhood experiences play a BIG part in our adult life. The feeling of safety and belonging can be felt in a young child when seeing photos of themselves in loving circumstances. Pictures are healing, they evoke emotion and memory, especially when the child creates it. Nash is 4 years old. He loves crafts and he loves Disney’s Splash Mountain.

Disney journal for kids

Nash experiences Disney World with his family during the pandemic and documents it along the way.

Disney World from a child’s perspective can be an entirely different experience. Disney is magical when we see it through their eyes. Freeze these moments through photos and let them tell their side of the story.

Nash’s Mom created this digital 6×8″ Disney inspired cover in Canva and uploaded it to her Persnickety Prints account. She ordered a Custom Journal with dot inside pages.

disneyland journal for kids
4 Year Old Documents Disney with a Journal

Persnickety offers this custom 6×8″ Journal filled with 80 100# opaque pages with heavier papers than the average journal. Paper thickness and pen bleed were tested to curate the perfect journal for adding prints and embellishments. These journals are not only filled with high quality 100# text papers, they’re the most affordable custom journal on the market!

4 Year Old Documents Disney with a Journal
4 Year Old Documents Disney with a Journal
4 Year Old Documents Disney with a Journal

Nash uses washi and double sided tape to adhere photos to his journal. He draws pictures of his favorite moments (the Florida beach) and adds stickers to tell his Disney story.

I had the opportunity to interview Nash. He proudly shared each Disney Journal page with me for about 40 minutes. I broke it down to 4 minutes for you in this video.

Sometimes it’s the kids who remind us about what’s important in life, what really matters. Thank YOU Nash for inspiring me today!

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