Free Covid-19 Journaling Cards – part 2

Well, here we are, STILL in quarantine (insert all the feelings). I hope we’ll look back on this year and find strength in our grit and resilience .. which is WHY it’s so important to document it! Let’s not forget the struggle! Let’s be sure this struggle isn’t in vain!

Storytelling is therapeutic, I hope these cards will help you tell yours

Snap photos of your “new” normal, screen shot the headlines and journal your feelings during these trying times. Your stories of strength will inspire future generations. Make journaling a daily practice, focus on what you’re grateful for. We learn more about who we are when we can be still. Get to know yourself again and tell your story. Get started with a Persnickety Prints Covid Journal + check out our free resources and of course these 12 covid journaling prompts

Create with Photos

Turn off the T.V. and relive your memories through photos! This is a great time to purge your camera roll and print the photos you want to keep. There are so many FUN ways to archive prints in albums! Our 2019 family album has been opened more this week than I ever imagined. Visit Disneyland again and again through your photo albums.


I created this set of journaling cards just for you, and the kids too 🙂 Regardless of their age, have them write their feelings and slip it in your family album, or better yet, encourage them to create their own! I will always cherish my kids handwriting and how it changes over the years. Don’t forget to check out 5 home photo projects for kids.

This pandemic will eventually pass.. right? 🙂 Take advantage of this time we’re forced to slow down. You’ll be glad you did!

Free Covid-19 Journaling Cards - part 2


Stay home & stay safe! We’re here to help you document this time. Order online 24/7. Now, more than ever, thank you for supporting our locally owned, independent business.

How to use these cards

  • Upload to your Persnickety Prints account to create digital scrapbook pages using the Memory Page software
  • Import into the Project Life App for digital scrapbook pages
  • Print individual cards for pocket albums, travelers notebooks and your covid journal
  • Create a custom journal cover
  • Phone wallpaper!

How to order cards on thick cardstock:

  • Select the cards you want to print (this way you’re not stuck with a bunch that you’ll never use!:)
  • Drag and drop the .jpeg card files from the download link into your online account (select UPLOAD PHOTOS to do this)
  • Select the cards in your album > order prints > press prints > 3×4
  • Select paper type (standard matte works just fine!)
  • Checkout- that’s it!
Free Covid-19 Journaling Cards
Free Covid-19 Journaling Cards

Zipped folder includes .jpeg and .pdf files for various printing options + PDF cut out printable. Download & unzip to access.

Free Covid Timeline Printables

Free Covid Timelines to document and record your hiSTORY as we’re living it! Featuring the top world news.

Documenting Covid-19

I have 2 boys who will learn about this historic time but won’t remember living through it. Record your experiences living during this coronavirus pandemic.