5 Ways to Practice Gratitude with Kids

It’s never too late to begin practicing gratitude with children. In a recent article, Dr. Lawrence Rosen, MD (an integrative pediatrician and co-author of Treatment Alternatives…

5 Home Photo Projects for Kids during the Coronavirus Quarantine

We’re all in this together! This 2020 epidemic will go down in the history books, and you’re living it. Many of you are documenting your daily life during the Coronavirus…

Lucy Darling Baby Books

Photographic prints paired with a Lucy Darling baby photo book are the perfect way to document memories from your baby's first year of life.

DIY Toddler Room Makeover

Children feel loved when their pictures are part of the decor. How I decorated my toddlers room and integrated his photos.

Free Back to School Download for Kids

At Persnickety Prints, we’re BIG on documenting life. If you have school aged children, you may wake up and scold time too!  Each year seems to…

Baby’s First Photo Book

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4×4 Pregnancy Journey Photo Album

How I use a 4x4 album with photos to make a pregnancy journey photo album.


12-year-old Sela is much like her Mother, Jane. Sela has an eye for design and a personal style that just shines. Sela also loves photos. When…