Sweetheart DIY Kids Craft for Valentine’s Day

Making holidays magical with creative and festive ways is a sweet part of childhood. Celebrate this time of year with a kid-friendly DIY craft that uses the popular conversation hearts candy, and documents this moment in your little sweetheart’s life. This short, 7-step craft took our little project testers about 45 minutes to complete, not including drying time.

Before you start, you will need the following items:

We’ve linked the exact products we used on our Amazon storefront, and we recommend ordering some extra candy for your crafters to snack on while working. 

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Sweetheart DIY Kids Craft for Valentine’s Day


STEP 1: Have an adult cut out a large heart from the white foam board.

STEP 2: Paint the heart.

STEP 3: Have an adult trace a heart on the 4×4 photographic print.

STEP 4: Cut out the heart.

STEP 5: Glue the photo on the center of the painted heart (once the paint is dry).

STEP 6: Glue Conversation Hearts onto the painted heart.

STEP 7: Cut the Baker’s twine and glue it to the back of the heart to hang. 

This kid-friendly Valentine’s Day craft is a seasonal decoration you can bring out every February to hang on your wall, or display on a mantle. We love using photos in crafts as a way to document this moment in time, and to remember how darling your little sweetheart is at this age. 

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