Free Father’s Day Printable

Kids say the funniest things!

The best gifts are from the heart.

Some of the most rewarding times of Parenting are the little coloring pages, love notes, and homemade gifts from a child.

In 2010, my sons pre-school teacher helped him fill out a Mothers Day questionnaire. It was the best gift! (circa 2010)

We created this printable to give you the same experience. Have a child fill it out or answer the questions and fill it in for them. Dad and Grandpa will love it.

Fathers Day Printable

Free Father’s Day Printable

Free Father's Day Printable

their perspective

might make you laugh

Free Father's Day Printable
  1. Download & print at home
  2. Have the child fill it out for Dad or Grandpa (you may need to assist)
  3. Beware! Their answers may shock you:)
  4. Keep it in their Persnickety Box or Scrapbook to laugh at in the future

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