5 ideas for decorating baby’s first birthday

Decorating a baby’s first birthday can be a fun and exciting way to celebrate this special milestone. 5 ideas for decorating a baby’s first birthday!

First, select a theme that your baby will enjoy, such as animals, a favorite character, or a particular color scheme. This will help you choose the decorations and create a cohesive look. Aubrey shared her baby’s first “Wild One” birthday-themed party here.

5 ideas for decorating a baby’s first birthday

Table Centerpieces

Use flowers or themed decorations as centerpieces for the tables. You can also include photos of your baby from their first year as part of the centerpiece.

5 ideas for decorating baby's first birthday

Balloon arches and garlands

Balloon arches and garlands are popular for decorating a first birthday. You can use balloons in your chosen theme colors to create a festive and playful look. Check out this rose & gold balloon arch kit on Amazon.

decorating baby's first birthday

Cake Display

A special cake display can be a highlight of the party. You can use a cake stand, special plate or platter, or even a decorated table to showcase the birthday cake. Don’t forget to grab a cake topper!

baby's first birthday

Photo Booth

Create a fun photo booth area with a backdrop and props like hats, sunglasses, and signs. This is a great way to capture memories of your baby’s first birthday and make fun photos with family and friends. You can find this backdrop on Amazon for $10.99.

decorating baby's first birthday

Decorate with Prints

Use your Persnickety Box app prints to create a photo wall shaped as a number one, similar to how Chari created this wall for her husband’s birthday.

Baby milestone photo banners are a fun way to display how baby has changed in just one year! Upload and order prints to display on your favorite milestone photo banner, we’re sharing our top pics below.

Pick a Banner & Order Prints!

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Personalized Playroom Photo Display

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