4×5.3 True Digital Prints

digital imaging is convenient but also complicated

We’re taking MORE photos than ever before with the camera in our pocket. Losing our photos is one problem, but another issue that we’ve been seeing is unobtainable expectations. When users are printing phone photos, they expect the full photo will translate to a 4×6″ print. Sorry. This isn’t true. If you don’t want any cropping of your photo, true digital prints are 4×5.33″. Seems silly when the 4×6″ print size is standard for frames and photo albums. I don’t know why the world works this way.

Aspect ratio is hard to understand. Know this: It is NOT possible to print a full frame 4×6″ from your phone without cropping.

4x5.3 True Digital Prints
4x5.3 True Digital Prints

Digital 4:3 Ratio

Currently, the standard camera ratio in your phone is 4:3. This is true for both iOS and Android. Both phones have the option to change the ratio (1:1, 9:16). I wouldn’t recommend changing to either of these ratio’s for everyday photos.

4x5.3 True Digital Prints

What to do?

Change your Expectation

Knowing what to expect will help you in the moment. Expect to lose .25″ on the long edge of a 4×6″ print. See the example below.

4x5.33" Full Digital Prints

Shoot Wide

We may not realize there is an issue until it’s too late! Back up and adjust for cropping and shoot with the end in mind.

Don’t Zoom

Not only is zooming bad practice on your phone, zooming or cropping a photo after it’s taken limits options for print or other projects.

Print a 4″x5.33″

If your project, frame or photo album works with the 4×5.33″ size – we’ve got it! Simply choose photographic prints > 4×5.33

Print a 4×6″ cropped or with white edges on 2 sides

IF your photo does NOT correlate with the print size selected, our system will give you 3 different options.

  1. Auto Crop: our lab techs adjust and crop for you
  2. Manual: you’ll click through and crop each photo as you’d like
  3. No Crop: keep the full image with white borders filling the empty ratio space
4x5.3 True Digital Prints

4x5.3 True Digital Prints

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