3 C’s to Keep Your Clients Coming Back

Are you a full or part time photographer? Then you know that delivering photos to clients adds value to your business. If you haven’t already, sign up for a free Persnickety Prints online account following our 3 tips.We guarantee your photos will print as they should.


1. Connection

Connect with your clients in order to capture the connection they have with each other! If you’re shooting families or weddings, capture the natural love they have for one another.

“Who wants to just blankly stare into a camera and try to look “natural”… no one! Playing games is the best way to get people to drop their walls and show you a bit of who they really are.” Professional Photographer, Angie Monson shares how she captures natural moments while shooting families.

Get down on the kids level and help them feel comfortable with you, they’ll in turn feel comfortable during the session and you’ll capture the natural connection of their family. Bring toys, play music and get them to relax or even dance!

Shooting weddings? Ask the couple to whisper sweet nothings into one another’s ear or tell each other one thing they love about each other, then shoot the love in their eyes, their smiles, the emotion.

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2. Create

You’ve created something special for your client(s) behind the lens. Now it’s time to create something tangible for them to share with their family and friends! Social Media posts are a great way for clients to share your work and their experience, but what about those who aren’t online? Give your clients a tangible keepsake and they’ll cherish your work forever. Your goal should be to shoot this client year after year. Give them something to remember you by and add value to your brand with prints.

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Making prints for your clients shows that you care about their customer experience and in delivering their images in their finished form, it also shows that you are a full-service photographer, when many these days are not.
Prints can separate you as a “great” photographer, apart from the “ok” photographers. It’s easy to make an image look nice at low-resolution on the web, but to make an image look great in print involves a whole other skill set.

Persnickety Prints has been a trusted lab for photo professionals for over 8 years. We’ll make your work stand out above the rest! Register Here for a free online account.

3. Clear Communication

You’re a brand and a business, be professional. Communicate the meeting time and location with your clients, and if you’re booking months in advance, follow up multiple times prior!  Give wardrobe suggestions and always have a back up location for inclement weather. How long is the scheduled session? Is there time for outfit changes? Communicating all of the little details will avoid let downs and ensure you exceed all expectations.

Many photographers have branded contracts they give to their clients at the time of booking. Contracts should clearly state what you’ll be providing to the client and at what price, including any important details of your process (turnaround times, studio policies, etc.).

We also suggest sending a client prep sheet with photo prep suggestions so that the session can run smoothly.

Downloadable Free Prep Sheet

Persnickety Prints-Photo Prep Sheet

The end of the shoot is a good time to communicate when the client can expect to see the images and what the next step is so they aren’t left wondering. Over-communication is best!