What to do with all those photos you just took

We’re all nonstop go, go, go with sports, trips, and family events at this time of year. It’s a very busy time for making memories and our camera rolls hold all the evidence. What do you plan to do with those photos when the much-anticipated trip is over? What about once that event you’ve been planning for months is over? We’ve got some tips and ideas to help you figure that out.

What to do with all those photos you just took

Collect all the photos

Start grouping your photos and adding them to albums. Create new albums for each big event or chunk of time. This will help you stay organized and be able to find specific photos without having to endlessly scroll in your camera roll.

It also may seems like a gargantuan task if you are need to gather photos from a group, but there are quick and easy options available. One awesome option is collecting photos from the group and sharing them via airdrop. Another option is to set up a shared folder in Dropbox or Google Photos and send out the link in an email. Everyone can upload and access the photos to use and print. These are both great options to ensure you are getting all those pics you all just snapped!

What to do with all those photos you just took

Declutter your camera roll

The first step to figuring out what to do with all those photos is to clean up your own camera roll. Delete duplicates and duds. Then, heart your favorites to add them to their own folder. This can now be your ‘print folder.’ Don’t forget to upload them to your shared file so your group has them too. Check out this blog post to learn more about decluttering your camera roll.


Once you have all the photos you want to print organized you can edit them for printing. Use a photo editor like Adobe Lightroom – we have free Persnickety Prints presets! At the very least, we recommend lightening your photos up in an app like Pic Tap Go before printing to make them as clear and vibrant as they are on your backlight device screen. Learn more about lightening your photos to compensate for backlighting on screens, from Chari, here!

What to do with all those photos you just took

Make them physical

Whether you create a photo book, photo collage, memory pages, or are printing to ensure you have a hard copy of your memory we’ve got what you need! Most importantly, you get your memories out of your phone and into your hands. You print from any device and we guarantee premium papers, the highest print quality possible, and the fastest shipping we can manage. We’ve got your back!

What to do with all those photos you just took

Print your story

Turing digital into physical, printing your photos secures their spot in your life story. Add meaning and purpose to your memories by getting them off your phone’s camera roll. And, because we print archival, they will last… longer than on your phone or tucked away in the cloud. Print your story.

Lastly, we are on your side for your photo journey! Share with us your story, your questions, your prints, and your projects by tagging us on our socials! We can’t wait to see what you created!

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