Update Your Space with 5 New Etsy Artists

We love small shops and independent artists!

Etsy is a one-stop-shop to find the perfect artwork to add to walls and gift friends. We’ve compiled a list, and links, to our top 5 new Etsy artists offering a variety of on trend designs at affordable prices (less than $10!). Support independent artists all over the world on Etsy. Purchase your favorite pieces, upload the JPEG to your Persnickety Prints account and curate the perfect prints to update your space this Spring.

1. Sara & Misc

We love the retro print vibe of SaraAndMisc’s text-based designs that often include cheerful, friendly fruit, veg, and flowers. We support smiley faces on our produce!
Designs include one of Chari’s favorite quotes by Cher: “Mom, I am a rich man”. It’s the reminder we all need in every room of our house.

Update Your Space with 5 New Etsy Artists
Chari’s Fave

2. Catzie Design

The softness of Catzie Design’s prints caught our eye. We love the earthy tones and pops of contrast along with the mixture of types she uses in her designs. 

prints from etsy
Laura’s Fave

3. April Lane Art

April Lane Art has a bright, eye-catching selection of designs and travel prints that showcase landmarks on everyone’s bucket list. We’re loving this green Saint Patty’s set for a March update.

how to print from etsy

4. Forn Studio

Forn Studio offers sets of printable pieces which takes time out of planning a whole wall! Coordinating artwork that is ready to print just made life that much easier. Warm tones and abstract designs are perfect pieces to balance out a gallery wall or stand alone as a statement piece in any room. These are just lovely.

The botanical illustrations print set in the printable gallery wall section is something we could see hanging in our house:

prints from etsy

5. 23 Maps

Hello Map lovers, 23maps offers over 950 ready-to-print city, country and world maps in display worthy designs! We’re imagining using these to show the birthplace of each of our family members or using them as wedding or anniversary gifts. 

prints from etsy

The Persnickety silver-halide printing process uses darkroom technology which means there is no ink involved. Art larger than 12″ will move to our museum quality giclee process with the option to heat press mount any size up to 30×40″.

prints from etsy

Gift Idea

Order 11×17″ or 12×18″ art on watercolor or linen press paper

Add a Teak Wood Hanger for the complete gift

Our high quality, archival papers produce vibrant, non-smudging, non-fading images that don’t need glass in a frame to protect them. That’s the Persnickety way! Email us to be featured on our next round-up.

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