Travel Album: Cuba

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Who doesn’t love to travel & explore the world? Ok, there’s probably a few… but for those who DO …. this is for you! The planning, preparation, anticipation, excitement, packing … the entire experience.…and then it’s over.

Photos are the moments captured with hope the experience will last longer.

Pocket Albums are the perfect way to document adventures with the tangible. Tickets, currencies, post cards, maps, and other memorabilia mixed with photos will be a treasure in the years to come.

Know Before You Go:

  1. Prior to any trip or adventure I ask myself, “how will I document this experience“?
  2. Will I bring my dSLR or use my iPhone?
  3. How many photos do I intend on taking? If I anticipate taking over 100 photos, I will create an individual Travel Album. Less than 100? I may prefer to create 12×12 memory pages and add them to the main family album.
  4. Due to to their archival nature and limitations, I don’t do bound photobooks.

Once I’ve narrowed down which size of album and the pocket sizes themselves I plan on using for the trip, I mentally note the portrait/landscape dimensions. If I can, I’ll purchase or print themed journaling cards and pack them in my bag so I can document during the flight or drive.

6×8 Cuba Albums Supplies: has a huge assortment of scrapbooking themes & destinations and over 140 Albums in a wide variety of sizes to choose from. 6×8 Cuba Album is Simple Stories at

All photos: of course:) Both companies ship right to your front door! Shop 6×8 albums here.

Why Travel Albums? (time: 2:29)


Photos are our story, they’re our passport to life, and the very reason why I founded Persnickety Prints. I hope you’re creating long lasting memories, taking photos and printing them. Before you know it, they will be your most prized possessions.

travel album

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Happy Travels!