Throwback With Retro Photo Prints

Kickback & Throwback This Summer With Retro Photo Prints

Give your photos retro energy with our polaroid-inspired prints. Perfect for display, sharing, or keeping. Remember your best summer ever by printing your memories. Keep reading to learn how to throwback with retro photo prints on both our card stock AND photographic paper options!

Throwback With Retro Photo Prints

3×4 Card Stock Retro Prints

These are perfect for writing details, memories, dates, or names and sliding into your pocket album or scrapbook. Available in matte, watercolor, linen, & pearl.

Retro Prints


1. Login to your Persnickety Prints account and upload your favorite photos! (Square images are best!)

2. Select Photos > Order Prints

3. Select 3×4 Retro Prints (actual image is 3″x3″)

4. White border is default. Un-select the border option to omit the full border

**Note: If your image is not square, do not choose “no crop” and we will square it up for you!

For more details on how to order your retro-style prints on our card stock paper, check out this page!

Throwback With Retro Photo Prints

Get 50% off your retro 3×4″ CARD STOCK prints when you use code: retro50

4×4 Photographic Retro Prints

Lasts forever, photographic prints are the way to go when looking for something archival. This works great with 4×4 photographic prints, specifically Persnickety Box! Use our Canva template below, to transform you photos into an authentic looking, classic print!

retro photo prints
retro photo prints


1. Use this Canva template here to format your images to look like a retro photograph.

2. Save them from Canva at the highest resolution and as jpg files.

3. Login to your Persnickety Prints account and upload your new files!

2. Select Photos > Order Prints > Select Photographic Prints and then the 4×4″ size!

**OR swipe them into your Persnickety Box account on the app! Even easier to order!

Go Retro

Throwback your photos with a classic-looking print. Whether you prefer the sturdy card stock paper, or the forever lasting photographic, we’ve got you covered! For an extra authentic look, throw a vintage filter over your photo before formatting it as a retro print. That will give it that extra somethin’ somethin’ to complete the look.

We can not wait to see what you print! Tag us on social media to share your retro summer pictures with us!

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