The Ultimate Nike Collage Wall


Newlyweds, Zach and Madi, are both obsessed with basketball, the Utah Jazz, and their Nike shoes. They collect their favorite Nike’s from online stores like Goat. I asked them a few questions:

favorite nba player

Madi: Michael Conley

instagram: @madireece

Zach: Lebron James

instagram: @801_kicks

favorite Nike Shoe

Madi: the Jordan 4 is the most comfortable for my long work days and still lets me show my basketball and shoe love.

Zac: homage to home Jordan 1’s because they were my first pair Jordan’s and they are combination of the original Jordan’s!

Zach and Madi are renting a small apartment with very few options to make it “their own”. After seeing the creative collage wall kits from Persnickety Prints, they came up with the idea of a Nike theme, the perfect backdrop to their sneaker collection. Easy to put up and take down (remove dust particles from wall by wiping it down with a cloth and water, allow it to dry, then hang prints with blue painters tape) without damaging paint.



nike collage wall
nike collage wall


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Upload 100 or more photos and drop them into the 8.5×11 canvas (rotate as needed).

just add tape

The collage wall kit software uses our book builder, this is not a book. 8.5×11 soft textured prints are not bound. Your wall kit will arrive loose and ready to hang.

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Collage wall kit

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High resolution images were compiled and downloaded from the online site:, then uploaded and dropped into our online software.

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