How to Take Photos of the Solar Eclipse with your Smartphone

Remember the iphoneography tips we’ve been teaching you over the years? You’ll want to use them if you’re planning on taking photos of the #solareclipse on Monday.

solar eclipse photo tips

  1. Auto focus won’t work. Manually use your finger to lock the focus on the moon. Slide your finger up & down to change the exposure. Android phones have these features too, however, they vary by device.
  2. Don’t zoom! The moon will end up looking like a white blob. You’ll want a zoom lens attachment (and it’s prob too late to get one) – snap the photo and crop in.
  3. Use a tripod or rest your elbows on something to hold steady. When shooting in low light settings, the sensor stays open longer to let in more light resulting in camera shake if you’re not careful.
  4. Look around and capture something different, like the silhouette of others taking pictures. A time-lapse would be so cool!
  5. Take advantage of our 8×10 Photograph Sale on Monday… only $2 each! Perfect way to display your capture (more info to come)

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