Quality is Everything. Why I fell in love with Persnickety Prints.

Hi everyone! Kristin here today to tell you why I fell in love with Persnickety Prints and share my favorite project of all time -- made absolutely perfect by the incredible quality of the Persnickety Prints photos. This book is interactive, with hidden tabs, envelopes, and flip pages. They all help to tell the details of the story without being in your face about it.

This was a very personal trip for me. It was the first time I was all alone in a big city, left alone to discover everything all by myself. I wanted my documentation of this trip to be focused on what I saw and how I felt when I saw it. I decided to create a book made out of photographs with my journaling directly on each of the photos, similar to the old-school caption style of scrapbooking. I chose to print my favorite photos on Persnickety Prints cardstock paper (matte cardstock) and then bind them together with two rings.

The cardstock prints hold up amazingly well. This book has been shipped around the world and has been handled by dozens of people and still looks like it was just made. The weight of the photo cardstock is perfect for creating these stand-alone pages. I used a combination of 4x6 and 3x3 photos and journaled with several different permanent pens and markers, including Sakura Microperm and Sharpie Ultra-fine pens.

My goal for this book was for the reader to flip through the pages and be able to put themselves in my shoes and take in the sights and sounds of Chicago just as I did.

Warning: Very Photo Heavy