Spring Break & Instagram

It is spring break. We should rename it “winter break”, the snow keeps coming back.
Jon and I had to go somewhere the sun was shining.

3 hours away -Moab, Utah- home of Arches National Park.

We try to wear these boys out. Hiking, Swimming, Biking… they just keep going, and going…
Even my little 4 year old, Ryder…. well, he started out on this bike ride being really tough & ready to roll.  Once we were about a mile out into the trail, he decided that he wasn’t tough anymore.
My whole plan just back lashed on me-  these boys just end up wearing me out!
Is there such thing as a break- after spring break?
I wanted to share a fun little toy that I found on the iPhone- an App called Instagram.
A couple of guys from Stanford University created it from the inspiration of old Polaroid Camera’s.
Snap a photo with your phone, choose one of their fun filters, and share it! It’s Free.
Moab is a great place to take pic’s- I have been getting a little carried away with my Instagram App.
You can share to facebook, twitter, and flickr straight from the App.
Added Bonus- I like is that there is an online community within it the App. You can follow your friends Instagram pic’s and leave them comments. Privacy settings are available if you would rather keep them to yourself.
Here are some FAQ from the Instagram site