RootsTech wrap up with David Archuleta

When I was asked to be an Ambassador for Rootstech 2015, I hesitated, my Mom had already “found” the names of our Ancestors, so I thought.
RootsTech isn’t about finding names of those who passed before us, it’s about keeping their Legacy alive and telling their stories. Imagine living a life full of sacrifices for our children, and our children’s children, and our stories never being told.

RootsTech is about the stories.

RootsTech is a global family history event, where people of all ages learn to discover, share and celebrate their family connections across generations through technology. At RootsTech, there is something for everyone, no matter your experience in family history or your skill level in technology. –


Today, we take photos, we document, we print. We are preserving our legacy and story.


What about the first chapters of our story? Our Ancestors who came before us? Aren’t they an important part of us and who we are today?

The last day of RootsTech is Family Day.


Computers and volunteers are available for us to find the lost “chapters” of our story. My boys enjoyed surfing the Family Search site for their relatives.


Children have a greater sense of self and belonging when they see (and feel) their Ancestors and learn their stories. They know they belong to something bigger than themselves. Noah was so excited to find a photo of his Great Grandpa, Elmo Pack on!


Not only are there resources at RootsTech to help anyone find their heritage, but exhibitors from all over the world sharing new technology and ideas to help us preserve our stories.

The closing event on Saturday featured American Idol finalist, David Archuleta and the cast of BYUtv’s Studio C. My boys were so excited!

David wrote a new song specifically for this conference. He sings it in Spanish and Portugese. It’s a story about a young boy who is struggling to find himself. His family “scrapbook” holds a photo of a relative holding a guitar. The boy connects with this photo, feels the love from his heritage and turns his life around.

I’m hoping the video will be available soon, at which time I will post it here.

Thank you Wendy Smedley for convincing me it’s not just about indexing!  RootsTech was indeed a fabulous and uplifting weekend! We can’t wait for 2016!