Quarantine Interview Printable

If you watched the 3rd installment of our Corona Journal Facebook Live series, you saw Aubrey’s 5×7 interview printable she created for her toddler boys.

Quarantine Interview Printable
How to Document these Days – Part 3

We're living history. It's more important than ever before to tell YOUR story! Chari and Aubrey share ideas on how you can document this time in life. It's YOUR truth, YOUR perspective, YOUR reality. Record it.

Posted by PersnicketyPrints on Wednesday, April 15, 2020

As promised, we’re sharing it with you!

We’ve designed one interview toward the toddler age group and another interview for older kiddos who can write 🙂

We’ve also kept it grayscale so the kids can color it! (this is also the idea behind the Corona Journal cover, color it in if you’d like!:)

5×7 quarantine interview printable

Quarantine Interview Printables

Print it at home or upload the version that fits your needs to your Persnickety Prints account and include it in your next print order! Add the completed interview to your Corona Journal.

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Quarantine Interview Printable

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