Photo Displays for a Funeral

We’re never prepared for death, let alone the funeral. Because my Mother had always kept up to date photo albums, it was easy to create a table display, slideshow and montage for her funeral.

I have helped so many people over the years put together photo displays for funerals. My hope is that these ideas will help you share the legacy of those you love when the time comes.

Photo Displays for a Funeral
My beautiful Mother. I high res (1200dpi) scanned her senior high school photo from 1972 , giclee printed and mounted as 30×40″ to display at the entrance of the viewing.

3 Affordable Ideas for Funeral Photos

  1. Funeral homes should provide easels. Persnickety heat press mounted enlargements are affordable, lightweight and easy to transport for your displays.
  2. I printed my favorite photos on 5×7″ art press paper and displayed them throughout the viewing center using Persnickety wood photo blocks.
  3. Grandkids, friends and family love to take home wallet sized prints. My boys carry both their Great Grandma and Grandma’s photos in their wallets 🙂 I set up a sign “Please take one and keep Gloria by your side” (handwritten because I ran out of time:) next to the wallets in the entrance.
Photo Displays for a Funeral
The 30×40″ mounted print transported easily to the graveside burial the next day.

Funerals are great reminders of how precious this life is. I am grateful for every day, even the hard ones. I’m grateful for the memories made and the legacy we can leave behind. I have learned more about my mother and have become closer to her by reading her journals and scrapbooks.

Write your stories. Document with your own handwriting if you can, your children and loved ones will cherish them when you’re gone.

You can DO more with a printed photo than a corrupt digital file. Get the Persnickety Box App and print 30 of your favorites each month, it’s enough.

Photo Displays for a Funeral
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MY 2021 Family Photo Album

My plan to documenting 2021 with a 9×12″ Photo Album. Pocket albums offer functionality like monthly journaling and adding memoriabilia. Get started today!

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