Persnickety Prints Instagram Memory Tree

Like many children, my boys need a little reminding of how blessed they are.
During the Holidays, rather than focus on their “wants”, we try to remind them of what they already have!

The Insta Memory Tree

This tree was an inspiration for a few reasons:

  1. Television and media are constantly telling us that we need more. This tree will sit front and center in our home reminding us that we have everything we need.
  2. Memories are front & center.
  3. A great conversation piece for visitors!
  4. The photos are not just of our family, but of people, events, quotes and highlights from the year.
  5. To remind myself, that regardless of our challenges, we had a great year!

Most of these images were snapped with an iPhone, some were filtered through Instagram. After skimming through our year of photos, we narrowed the total down to 100.

Then, I ordered 100 4×4 Instagram Photos from Persnickety Prints on the 110# matte cardstock. (.35¢ each when ordering 100+)
Once the year is over and the tree comes down, I can transfer the prints into my Project Life album.
Depending on the size of tree, you may prefer the 3×3 print size.
Photos tell a story. Photos spark memory and emotions.  I hope this idea has inspired you to look back and find the strength you’ve gained from overcoming obstacles, as well as the joy you’ve felt from the simple beauties of life.

Once Christmas was over and the tree was taken down, I added the prints to 4×4 page sheet protectors from WeR Memory Keepers .

Each sheet protector holds 9 4×4 prints, for a total of 18 front and back.