Persnickety Box 4×4 Photo Gallery Wall

Showcase your Persnickety Box moments with this creative, 30-photo gallery wall! The 4×4 size is perfect for creating a grid full of your favorite memories in any space. Download the Persnickety Box App, fill up a box or two, and give your memories a heartbeat.

Persnickety Box 4x4 Photo Gallery Wall
4x4 photo gallery wall


  1. pencil
  2. blue painters tape
  3. measuring tape
  4. real 4×4 photographs (we don’t use ink, these prints are #builttolast)

Choose your wall and measure

Persnickety Box 4x4 Photo Gallery Wall

This project is renter-friendly!

  • Use blue painter’s tape to secure your photos without any damage to the wall.
  • Begin your grid by taping the area you are planning on displaying your prints. We made our photo grid 34″ wide by 28.5″ tall to fit all 30 Persnickety Box photos. Customize your gallery wall by adding more or less of your Persnickety Box prints.
  • Create horizontal and vertical guides in a grid with 4″ space in-between. We use 1.5″ wide blue painters tape which makes it easy to create a grid with the same spacing.
Persnickety Box 4x4 Photo Gallery Wall

Adhere the 4×4″ prints inside of each placeholder, a fun activity for kids too!

Persnickety Box 4x4 Photo Gallery Wall
Persnickety Box 4x4 Photo Gallery Wall

Ta-Da! Isn’t this adorable?

Brighten up any wall in your hallway, dorm, office, bedroom, or anywhere else you want to display your photos! Easily rotate and update photos with your Persnickety Box prints.

Download the Persnickety Box App and get started!