Our Song Spotify Playlist Cards

For only $2.99, print a beautiful memento of your special song.

Long gone are the days when shy crushes would exchange mix-tapes- now, we’ve got Spotify playlists. While curating a playlist online is definitely faster, it lacks the physical reminder of a cassette or CD. Gift your playlist with a print that they can hang, frame, or display on a wood block. 

These codes also work for just one song – it’s a wonderful way to commemorate the song chosen for a “first dance”, or any other song that is meaningful to you. 

  1. Generate + download the QR code for your playlist or chosen song. If you need tips, check out our blog post on how to create spotify playlist QR code
  2. Customize our Canva template. Upload your chosen photo to our pre-made template, and customize with your own text, image, and song code. 
  3. Download your design as a png or jpeg. If you are going to put it in a frame, we recommend a photographic print and exporting with RGB color profile. If you want to display the print on its own or with a wood block, we recommend printing as a press print and exporting with a CMYK color profile. 
  4. Upload + order on Persnickety Prints website. Don’t forget a woodblock to easily display your press print! 

Get Started

Be aware that Canva does not have the same capability as our website in alerting you if the resolution is high enough for printing – make sure to double check that your image resolution is high enough for printing.

If you want to print this design in a different size, we recommend using a Canva Pro subscription and utilizing their Magic Switch feature to get the exact dimensions you are looking for. It will still require a little bit of adjusting for spacing, but the end result will turn out better. If you try to print this design in a different aspect ratio, aka a different shaped print, it will cut off parts of the design.

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