OLW The Album


The first month of 2016 is coming to a close. I’ve been sorting and printing my photos for my Ali Edwards OLW 6×8 Album.  As I was browsing Ali’s blog for inspiration and I came across her OLW from 2012UP. What? Here I thought I had nailed this unique word and Ali herself used it in 2012! At first, I wanted to change mine, then I thought … every one of us is as unique as the word we choose. What this word means to me has a completely different meaning to Ali. The word UP can reflect many different elements of life. My focus is to “one UP” last year, to conscientiously improve, grow, and progress. I will intentionally look UP and stay positive no matter what life throws at me.


The first page in my OLW album is the Ali Edwards 3×8 pocket. This is a super cute… odd size. If you use Adobe Photoshop, I have included a free .psd template at the end of this post for you to clip in 2 photos (3×8) on a 6×8 canvas, print at Persnickety, then cut in half. Perfectly easy!



Each day is a gift. If you are reading this post on the day it was written, there will never be another January 24, 2016. We get to live this day just once. No pressure!  I’m striving to live each day with intent. Of course I have grumpy days where sometimes I just don’t want to get out of bed, but who doesn’t? It’s a mindset.


Getting outside in nature is my remedy for stress. I document the bad and the good. The trials and the triumphs. Someday I will look back and say “wow, you were strong”.


My OLW Album is mine. It’s for me. I’m excited to see how I progress over the next year. I used this Paislee Press template for the 6×8 snapshots page and added a few details down below.

Click here to download my 3×8 template.