Lightroom Presets

For Desktop & Mobile!

Take your photography to the next level in just a few clicks! Persnickety Lightroom presets have been tested on a variety of images to help you create a cohesive & captivating look for your Prints, Photo Books, Insta Collages, Vision Boards, Blog and Instagram Feed. You don’t need to be a pro! Lightroom Presets are easy to use. These presets are quick, one-click, yet fully adjustable and customizable to fit your taste, style and lighting conditions.

  • Fully Compatible with Lightroom 4 – 7 + Both CC Versions
  • Compatible with JPG and Raw Images
  • Adobe Photoshop are compatible with Photoshop CC, Photoshop CC2014, Photoshop CC201 , Photoshop CC2017 and Photoshop CC2018 versions.
  • All presets work differently with each photo depending on a number of factors such as lighting, white balance, tone etc.

Mega Pack $49 on sale for $29.97!

15 Lightroom Presets built for a variety of lighting situations.

What’s Inside?

  • 15 Lightroom Presets
  • Install PDF + Video Tutorial included. No Adobe Subscription Necessary with the free LR mobile app!
  • 15 Lightroom Phone Presets in the .DNG format
  • 15 Lightroom .xmp Presets (Adobe Creative Cloud Subscribers)
  • Also works in Photoshop (filter > camera raw filter)
  • Tested on 100+ dSLR, iPhone, JPG and RAW photos

Slightly Sharp & Light, Back to Original, Creamy & Bright, Just Grain, Amsterdam, Amsterdam Moody, BW Film, BW Classic (new!) Beachy (new!), City Lights, Blue Skies, Inside Light, Bright White, Snow Bump & Winter Retro.

Practice with a free preset found here.