How to Design & Print Recipe Cards

Who doesn’t love scrumptious food!? Tried and true recipe’s are the key to many hearts. You don’t have to be an expert Betty Crocker to share what works for you in the kitchen! Snap photos and design recipe cards right in the palm of your hand, once you’re done devouring of course.

In this blog post I’ll show you how to take a great food photo and design a recipe card right on your phone!

5 quick tips TO better FOOD PHOTOS

  1. Find the light! Use natural light and turn off the flash
  2. Get up Close. If your iPhone camera offers Portrait mode, use it!
  3. Turn On Camera Grid. This will help align a flat lay photo (more from apple)
  4. Watch the Background. When taking photos, pay attention to the background, hands, feet, etc. Move the camera or the subject.
  5. Edit! Because phones are backlit, printed photos will be darker. Using the basic Auto Enhance feature in your native camera works great!

How to design recipe cards in the Project life app & order cards

Jenna created these cards right on her tablet in the Project Life App and ordered thick press prints. We think they turned out great! We asked Jenna to share with you how she did it! They make the perfect Holiday Gift too!

Jenna has created this video just for you! Find more from Jenna on her Instagram and YouTube Channel


  1. Create a 4×6″ Recipe Card (Project Life App, Photoshop or Canva)
  2. Upload JPG to your online account
  3. Select image > Order Prints > PRESS PRINTS > 4×6

GIFT IDEA: ingredients with the printed recipe!

Now that you have all the tools, we can’t wait to see those recipes!