How I "Scrapbook"

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My name is Chari Pack!

I’ve been obsessed with photos & memory keeping since I was a little girl. In the 5th grade, I took it upon myself to take class photos with my 110 film camera. Developed, cut & glued photos into books & then sold them as the “5th grade yearbook”. Fast forward to 2008 & 3 little boys. It was hard to keep up with “scrapbooking” but the importance of childhood photos has always burned inside of me. I learned photoshop and converted to “digital scrapbooking”…. so here is all about how I “scrapbook”!

Hitting another roadblock, I wasn’t satisfied with the 12×12 prints I was receiving from Costco, and Pro Lab prices were (and still are) in the $10 – $12 per print price range. There HAD to be a way to print a quality 12×12 digital file for under $2! I was determined to make it happen.

After failing and learning all the crazy things about business, Persnickety Prints was born in 2010. We are now the #1 place for the highest quality and lowest price 12×12 photographic prints in the world. We also kill it with other print sizes and products. Persnickety Prints still uses a dark room printing REAL silver halide fuji photographs, which means your photos will last forever, just like the generations before us.

You’ll see that we’re also “persnickety” about our photo books, cards, collage prints, journals, enlargements, canvas and mounting products.

Thank You for being here!

Why I print photos

How I "Scrapbook"

Do you have childhood photos? I remember watching my Grandfather hook up the reels to his 35mm projector, and we’d watch family videos on a big white wall.

I grew up with parents who loved photos and home movies. Every Sunday we’d sit around looking at our photo albums and watching home movies.

Fast forward to my wedding video. My fiance and I gathered photos to scan and add to our wedding slideshow …. I had a ton of baby photos, I assumed everyone did; he didn’t.

We’re taking more photos than ever before, yet they remain as digital JPEGS in a cloud! What if we can’t read a JPEG in 20 years? What if that cloud disappears? Hard drive crash? Will my family be able to access my digital photos when I’m gone?

Not only will quality printed photographs last longer than digital files, we know where they are! Statistics show that when children see photos of their childhood, the feelings of love and belonging arise and build self esteem and self worth.

We’re living our legacy today, we have the ability to tell our story, our way, why aren’t we? We’re too busy? I promise in 20 years, you’ll wish you would have taken the time to document your life in a tangible form, whatever that might be.

How I Tell My Story

Aren’t perspectives funny? I may see the sky as blue, you might see it as gray. I love having the freedom to share my perspective and define my life, my way, through words and photos.

How I "Scrapbook"

When we bought our home, I claimed this office. As a young mother, I didn’t have a craft space, which is one of the reasons I switched to digital scrapbooking. I feel blessed to have this room.

Just for fun, here’s a “before” photo of my space. The olive green bead board shelves were painted white. I got creative and used pre-adhesive vinyl flooring (and extra glue) to cover the back of the shelves.

I have been “scrapbooking” for over 20 years. I’ve never regretted the time or cost I’ve put into these priceless albums.

Every year, I fill up a 12×12 Album for my family.

12x12 Photo Album

I start a new album on January 1, regardless of how full the prior album is. Some albums are bigger than others.

I order a new 12×12 album and pockets to fill with memories. I love pocket albums because I can still add pages and photos years later.

How I "Scrapbook"

i use 6×8 albums for travel!

6×8 Travel Albums line this shelf in my office.

Since divorce, and the fact that my boys are older, I’ve had more time to do me and I’ve caught the travel bug. I love learning and experiencing the world first hand, I feel absolutely alive! I don’t own a designer bag or fancy shoes, but I do try to see 3 new countries each year. I’ll go alone, with my husband, kids or friends and I take thousands of photos. I keep maps, currencies, and other tangible items from different countries in it’s own 6×8 Travel Album.

That’s it! I choose my top family stories and fill up one 12×12 Album every year, and I’ll create a 6×8 Album of a big trip. I keep my story simple. I add thoughts, feelings and notes to loved ones in my albums, because this part of me will always live.

Want to see inside my albums? Check them out: