Free Summer Journaling Cards

Free Summer Journaling Cards

Bea + Elle Designs (aka Brooke and Laura) specialize in web design and branding (rebranding is their jam) but they have a special place in their hearts for the scrapbooking community.

Some of the first design collaboration projects Brooke and Laura worked on together was creating patterns for digital scrapbooking kits and they always seem to come back to pattern design. In fact, digital scrapbooking was the gateway to Laura choosing to get her degree in Graphic Design!

Free Summertime Card Set

Free Summer Journaling Cards
12 Full Resolution Individual JPEG Cards
Free Summer Journaling Cards
16 Full Resolution Individual JPEG Cards

how to use THE CARDS

Free Summer Journaling Cards
INDIVIDUAL printS for pocket albums + journals

You can certainly print individual cards at home or upload and choose PRESS PRINTS for thick cardstock when ordering online at Persnickety Prints.

We DO NOT recommend printing your photographs at home. Ink is expensive and unless it’s pigment based your prints will deteriorate and fade over time. Persnickety photographic prints are processed using dark room technology (no ink) to ensure your memories last more than a lifetime!

create digital scrapbook pages & more

Upload designs to your Persnickety Prints account and get creative! Square Memory Pages, collage prints to fit your project, collage posters, photo books or as a journal cover!

Free Summer Journaling Cards
Free Summer Journaling Cards
Free Summer Journaling Cards

This year has been a weird one. Hopefully these cheerful journaling cards will help you record your summer 2020 memories with fondness. We appreciate Brooke & Laura donating this adorable card kit! Be sure to thank them!

And of course, if you or anyone you know is looking to re-brand, Bea + Elle Designs will take you to the next level!

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