Free Covid Timeline Printables

Document history with Free covid timelines

The Covid-19 pandemic will become one of the most prevalent events in our lives, we’re living it. We’ve created these Covid monthly timelines in a 4×8″ format featuring top U.S. Headlines through March 2021. We’ve also included three years of blank timelines (2020 through 2022) for you to fill in your most important details. We’re documenting history as we’re living it! Download timelines or order a them in a printed package today!

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Free Covid Timeline Printables
Free Covid Timeline Printables

It’s more important than ever before to tell YOUR story! It’s YOUR truth, YOUR perspective, YOUR reality. Record it. We’re all experiencing something different. I wish I had recorded my experience with 9/11 to show my children what WE were doing during this tragic time. Here’s our chance to record this pandemic and share how we survived.

Covid Timeline cards are formatted to fit in our custom notebooks or any standard journal. Get started on yours today!

Order January 2020 – March 2021 Covid Timelines with Top U.S. Headlines!

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Top US Headlines available through March 2021. Blank Timelines through 2022.

Check out our past virtual events on Facebook, as we’ve shared various ways you can document how you’re living one of the most monumental times in history.

Covid Journals

Choose from blank, lined or dot THICK inside pages and document your experience. Timelines are formatted for this product.


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Documenting Covid-19

I have 2 boys who will learn about this historic time but won’t remember living through it. Record your experiences living during this coronavirus pandemic.

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Stay home & stay safe! We’re here to help you document this time. Order online 24/7. Now, more than ever, thank you for supporting our locally owned, independent business. Download your Free Covid Journaling Cards today!

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