Dorm Room Makeover with Isabella Thompson

Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

Expressing yourself in the small space of your dorm room is so important. Creating something that makes you feel at home and like it is an extension of your personality, is how you can transform your room into a space that you love being in.  Isabella Thompson decorates her NYC apartment with memories from home, pictures she liked, and inspiration photos, all using prints from Persnickety Prints.


Mounted Collages 

Isabella created personalized “vision boards” cutting apart magazines and photos with glue and scissors. She scanned each collage (you could do this with your phone). We enlarged and printed them as a 16x20s, and then heat press mounted each one for easy hanging without a frame. Perfect for apartments and dorm rooms, mounts are the way to go. Easily hang with command strips or 3M tape which means no holes in the wall needed! When Isabella arrived at her apartment, all she used was 3M tape. #goals


Mounted 16×20 Giclee Prints hung with: damage-free hanging command strips


Free-form Collages

To shower her room with more memories, Isabella also ordered 3.5×5 thick matte cardstock prints of her favorite photos and memories. She hung these on an additional wall with blue painters tape, making a free-form collage of pictures of friends and family. This is a great way to display memorable photos without taking up space on your desk in a traditional frame. 

Take a look at more of the details and get inspiration from this quick video all about Isabella and her new apartment decoration!


Create something similar with your special memories, or send a set to your college student, it’s easy to upload and order right from your phone! No app needed.

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