Your Story Matters. Even the Hard Ones

Be brave enough to share your hard times tooWe are living our story. Every day.

Are you documenting the hard times too?

Think about it …

Do you want your legacy be a perfectly edited, kids dressed to the nines, house is always clean, no problems, no worry – story?  I want my people to know the struggles I endure in my life. I want my trials and hardships to inspire and strengthen my children and their children.


For the past 10 years my mom has been sick. Dr. after Dr. we would go and band-aid each issue until finally we’re told it was Leukemia. In 2012, after many radiation treatments, a bone marrow transplant was her last chance of living.

We spent a majority of our time in hospitals. My siblings and I would take turns watching over her (my parents were no longer married and my mother lived alone). I would lay in hospital beds with her and answer Persnickety Prints customer emails 🙂

12x12 prints

We had many concerns and fears when it came time to the bone marrow transplant. My mom had a 50-50 chance of living, and we really didn’t know what to expect. I wanted to be by her side every minute, but of course with small children at home, a husband and a business- it was hard to juggle. I was with her when they shaved her head. I was with her for Christmas in that hospital room. I was with her for medical updates. I helped her around the hospital halls rolling oxygen tanks, holding the chords so she wouldn’t trip.

She did not like it when I would take pictures, but I did it anyway, because it’s her story, it’s my story.

I compiled all of the photos of her cancer story and printed a hard cover photo book (updated Persnickety hard cover books available June 2018!). This became her most prized possession! Photos of the kids, things she was missing out on, but most important, her journey through hell and back.

bone morrow transplant

She is stronger each day (a few post cancer strokes) but even she looks back on these photos now and finds strength, hope, and determination to conquer the next battle that life might bring.

My Mom turned 65 years old yesterday.

Why do I share this story with you? Because I want you to understand the importance of documenting.

“Photos are the doorways to our memories, you never know how yours might help, until you open yours.” – Chari Pack