Do photos have feelings?

We are taking more photos than ever and I have a hard time deleting any. My 1TB Dropbox (cloud photo backup) is almost full and I’m not really sure what my photo situation will look like in 20 years (insert panic) – I’ll be sharing my organization process soon!

Do photos have feelings?

Why do I have such a hard time deleting?! I find myself feeling bad as if the photo might be left out or sad when he is deleted. Silly, I know. Maybe it’s the person in the photo, or the event. “I love you son, I just need to delete 100+ photos I took at your birthday!” Is it Mom guilt?

I’m always thinking about funerals. And weddings. “This will be a great photo for their future wedding, or maybe this is the last photo they’ll have, ever.” Am I crazy?

“What if I need this in 20 years?”

What I do know is that I have a TON of digital photos and I want them all!

If you’re also having a hard time choosing which photos to print or delete, photo collage prints are the answer!

For Example:

Our photographer snapped a series of photos during our wedding cake smash. I need them all to tell the story, but I don’t want them to fill up 4 pages in an album. This 4×6 circle collage holds 12 photos! They are small, but work perfectly for those photos you just can’t delete.

wedding album

This 6×8 template holds 6 photos (2.5×2.5 in size).

wedding album

Persnickety Prints has over 600 different collage templates ranging from 4×4 all the way up to 24×36. Every collage is completely customizable, so you can adjust photos, delete, add text, graphics, etc. without having to know photoshop.

wedding album

I uploaded about 200 old word art graphics from my digi stash and created an album in my PP account for quick access. The collages above include Ali Edwards and Paislee Press designs. I love how they tell the story. I used this 4×6 collage template here. You can delete the photo placeholders in any PP collage template and make it your own.

Did I mention I created these on my phone? Yep! Once I had all of the photos uploaded (these were large dSLR images from the photog) into my PP account, I could easily create collages when I had down time in the car waiting for kids. Save the collage, work on it later from a desktop if you want! Access all saved creations under “My Projects“.


  • Cut out these little guys for your Journal Albums or small 2×2 photo pockets.
  • When searching for collage templates, use our new search tool! Search “4×6 collage” and browse all 73 collage styles!


Collage templates are my new best friend. I can include all the photos without hurting anyone’s feelings 🙂